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Media & Entertainment

Some of the private FM radio channels and arrival of several TV channels have taken information and entertainment …

Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

The pharmaceutical industry in India is highly dynamic and offering amazing opportunities for both foreign and domestic companies. …

Information Technology

Information Technology has been playing an important role in Indian economy and establishing economic prowess of the country. …

FMCG & Packaged Goods

The FMCG sector in India stands fourth position in the world with the overall market share of over …


India also tops in the world when it comes to education. The country is witnessing significant economic growth …

Automotive & Auto Components

The Indian automobile industry is one of the fastest growing and largest industries worldwide. India has become a …

Aerospace, Aviation & Airlines

The aviation industry India is constantly growing with increasing traffic from different parts of the world. Aviation is …

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Campus Hiring

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Executive Search

SAG Group is pioneer in organized recruitment solutions across India... Read More

Payroll Process

Being focused on core business activities and being competitive is the key to success...Read More