Some of the private FM radio channels and arrival of several TV channels have taken information and entertainment to a whole new level in India. The Media and Entertainment industry in the country, which consists of sectors like music, television, print and radio, is all set to grow with over 13.2% of annual growth rate. In 2012, the industry had seen the growth of 11.2% in India because of improved economy and advertisement rebound.


Along with several major challenges, entertainment industry is also facing violation of intellectual rights, piracy, lack of cohesive production, lack of quality content and distribution infrastructure. In a bid to think of innovative and new ways to stay ahead of competition constantly, production houses are constantly looking for quality talent. The sector keeps on growing despite the challenges of mismanagement of talent, paucity and lack of standardization in several levels, when it comes to designations and salaries.

Our Perspective

At SAG, we are known to provide out-of-the-box solutions to find out the best skills required to deal with these challenges. We have well skilled and qualified experts to work in all segments, including broadcasting, publishing, music and film production, media services and even more.