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Not-for-profit & Educational Institutes

NGOs or Non Government Organizations are voluntary or non-profit groups established at national, local and international level, engaged in addressing social issues. Today, over 1.5 million Non-Government Organizations are operating in India, most of the small organizations are owned by volunteers.  The sector is getting more organized with different Indian business houses and multinationals adopting the art of giving. India has different types of non-profit organizations, including grass root organizations, volunteer sector, private voluntary organizations, civic society, self-help groups and transitional social movement companies.


The NGO sector is definitely not the first choice for mid-career individuals who don’t have personal orientation and educational background for this sector. The sector is becoming a viable career option with new opportunities and challenges to make a change. Several private company employees have a great desire to work for society.

Our Take

We understand that the Not-for-Profit sector has been emerging as a new driving force for the social development of the country. We have the dedicated team to understand the needs of our clients as well as their challenges. We have stronghold presence in other industries and deep knowledge about the sector. So, we are capable to source right candidates from various sectors