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Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The core principle of SAG’s Corporate Social Responsibility is transforming the future with empowerment. We ensure and monitor our active involvement in doing something good for the society while going beyond compliance according to the law. At SAG Group, we are envisioned to raise long-term profits with high ethical standards and positive public relations in order to reduce legal and business risk. Our CSR motivates us to make a positive change in environment. The core aspects of our CSR program are healthcare, education and environment. We are engaged in developing innovative solutions in order to address long-haul problems of society by using our core competence.

It is the basic nature of our business to connect to the humane part of ourselves. We focus on not just our jobs, but also the scope of living, confidence of the person, and financial status of them to connect with their lives emotionally. SAG Group believes in human values and pledges its CSR initiative to alternative employment. By 2020, more than 500 million individuals in the country shall be eligible for work. Meanwhile, we are looking forward to improve employment opportunities for youth empowerment to fulfill the ever-growing needs of different industries.