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Real Estate IPC & Construction

The long-term insight of real estate industry in India is positive because of its basic demand drivers like favorable Indian demographics, rising urbanization, improving incomes and growth in service sector. The strong economic growth and favorable demographics of India made India a major center of attraction for the investors. The demand for the property relies on demographic trends and business growth. Within short time period, the sector has constantly been evolved from an un-organized and highly fragmented market to a semi-organized one with a huge number of A-listed companies. As per various sources, Indian real estate market is growing further from $16 billion in 2006 to $180 billion by 2020.


The real estate sector is much unstructured in India. It has to go a long way to have the right recruitment process in a professional organization. The sector strongly needs candidates who have years of experience in land acquisition, project management and construction management.

Our Take

We have strong pool of consultants who have in-depth knowhow about the market and the potential candidates. We have strong connections with both of them. Hence, we understand the needs of both sides. So, we provide the right candidates to right companies.