At SAG Group, we are endowed with customer-centric approach and extensive knowledge about different industries. We are the pioneers in unconventional recruitment practices to support our clients to achieve their milestones. We have become the best recruitment partners of several organizations over the years. We introduce ourselves as the leading recruitment brand across India with long-term sustainability and client centricity to drive best results in the overall dynamism of international economics. We are known as the trusted recruitment consultants for our esteemed domestic and international clients.

We leverage and integrate our industry knowledge with diplomatic presence by providing customized solutions for specific needs that are endurable and pragmatic, and are beyond organizational structures and departments. Hence, we value and respect your diverse needs to serve your organization with a mutual spirit. We evolve as the committed and trusted business partners by leveraging and integrating industry knowledge.


Our objective is to help improve performance and build organizational health beyond hierarchies and dynamic perimeters by respecting human talent as the key for future leadership.

Employee Background Screening

Over the years, SAG Group has helped various leading companies to reduce risk by preventing candidates who have doubtful background. We provide accurate background reports to the clients so they can decide by objectively evaluating and authenticating the identity, academic qualification, litigation status, career history, etc. of an individual.

Payroll Process Outsourcing

Being focused on core business activities and being competitive is the key to success these days. In this competitive world, outsourcing non-core activities is an important and smart business strategy of any organization.  The Payroll Process outsourcing provides several benefits to the organizations. By outsourcing the payroll process, you can focus more on your competitive opportunities of the business.

Payroll processing seems to be very challenging. By outsourcing this work, you can focus more on your business, save unnecessary cost and see the growth without infrastructure and manpower restrictions. The workload in payroll processing may increase over time, especially at the end of financial year when you have to file the taxes. By outsourcing this task, you can get improved flexibility.